The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

What all entrepreneurs seek to discover in global brands is their business models and revenue models. 3S RULES dissects the business models of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Dangote Group, Econet Wireless, Alibaba Group, Lyft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Airbnb, Facebook and SpaceX.

Do you want to learn the strategies used by the great entrepreneurs that found the above companies that helped them disrupt industries?
3S Rules has comprehensive material about the strategies they used and how you can mirror their success.

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About 3S Rules

Real life case studies

The internet is growing by 2300%. This was the line of the article that birthed the amazon corporation. Logan Green discovered the way the Zimbabwean call lift lift. This birthed the Lyft corporation.

Detailed explanations

How the entrepreneurial forerunners took a step forward to implement the idea they discovered.

Action Steps

At the end of every chapter there are some action points that will aid you to follow the entrepreneurial footsteps of the great.

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What you can learn from 3S Rules

The challenging and inspiring beginnings stories of great entrepreneurs.
what each of these entrepreneurs did that stood them out. What you can do in your business that will change your business projectile
Why is the revenue model of tech companies is data analytics? Why is data the next gold?
Passion and idea which is superior? Steve jobs is a case study.
3S rules book cover
The value propositions of Google is to make information universally useful and accessible. What does it mean?
Replication strategy of Strive Masiyiwa is a great strategy to use in building the Africa century and developing countries economies.
What is creative financing? It's a competing alternative to equity and debt financing.
A business is out to prove a set of hypotheses. Do you know LinkedIn is built on a hypothesis?