Why 3S Rules ?

Real life cases

We have curated a number of real life case based examples covering various high growth, highly scalable business and revenue models such as those of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alibaba and much more that you can learn from and replicate to endure your startup succeeds in the 21st century.

Detailed explanations

3S Rules will teach you how to process issues and make decisions in face of risk or uncertainty.
3S Rules dissects the business models and explains in detail the process of company formation, growth/expansion and monetization while providing you with sufficient context in which certain decisions were made and explanations on how those decisions were made.

Action Steps

At the end of every chapter there are some action points that will help you to think critically, challenge the status by looking at thinks differently and embrace the proven methods to distill your ideas into strategic plans that you will implement to enable your startup to successfully achieve its aim and mission.

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What Our Readers Say

Strive Masiyiwa - Founder & Chairman, Econet Group
Every entrepreneur who wants to have a Digital Platform should keep a copy of your analysis. You know we have people who work for this kind of business who themselves have no idea how it makes money!
Everyone should really consider reading this book as well.
David Lanre Messan (DLM) - CEO, Toggle Urban Ltd
Reading 3S Rules as a seasoned entrepreneur gave me goosebumps and re-enacted the fact that this generation has so much to learn from a rising star like Ibrahim. The book has key trigger elements for business growth for startups, scale-ups and high growth businesses.
3S rules book cover
Nicky Verd - Author Disrupt or Be Disrupted & Technology Enthusiasts
I believe your book is going to be a great valuable tool in the hands of entrepreneurs. I'll get the full book soon. You should consider putting it on Amazon for obvious reasons. :)
Thank you for taking the time to write a solution driven book.
Abraham Kipkip - CEO & Chairman TAD Holdings and Pan-African Philanthropies ,
Wanna build a billion dollar company & subsequently be a Billionaire? 3S Rules provides you with a summary of diverse tried and tested pathways to entrepreneurial prosperity.
Get your copy now - thank me later.