How To Sell Anything Online While Sleeping



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An Experience

In 2018, My friend and I started a consulting business in Benin-City, Nigeria.

Two of our core services were; Business Researching and Social Media Marketing.

We were excited the first day…

Until time tested our patience and focus..

Until, something you may not like happened..

We didn’t make a single sale for 2 months…

What happened? Why?

You may be asking the above questions...

The truth was that we did all we could but our efforts could not produce sales results…

That was the end of the business…

My friend and I parted ways…


I became very unhappy!

But, I was determined to find a secret of sales…

Not just selling, I mean the selling that will make money.

Yes, I invested in knowledge that changed my story for life…

The outcome of the knowledge is still changing my life till the end of life…

Wait a minute! 

Here is the most exciting part…

This knowledge helped two of my clients to record same sales successes, after teaching them...

I have used this knowledge to attain brand visibility…

That was not all…

I have made six figures for my business through it…

One of my clients (Frank Ribiwan) called to say this “the strategy you gave to me is a gold mine”.

Let’s face it…

It is a fact that if you have a sales problem…

You will have a money problem, right?

And, if you have sales problems , even your business will not survive.

How do you I know?

Yes, business will not survive without money, and that money only comes from sales.

You’ve become frustrated, because there are many sales tactics you have tried but none work, right?

But wait a second!

I know when you were forced to say this: why are others achieving results but I’m not?

Here is what you need to know!

Imagine, you wake up to an order of $1000 through your online platform (WatsApp, Facebook, IG etc).

How will you feel?

Will you be able to handle the joy?

Imagine, your business starts recording sales results constantly?

What will that mean to you?

That means as long as you are using the strategy, you will always remain in business.

Imagine, you are now able to live happily and pay your bills even before they ask.

You are able to chop life whenever and wherever you like.

You can now assist your parents, even before they call

Do you like the sense of fulfillment and happiness that brings?

I’ll show you a very simple but smart strategy that I use daily.

The Magnetic Copy Secret.

Do you know that words can produce money?

Words put together in a special way can take you from zero to millionaire.

Words put together in a special way can turn your business around by 360 degree.

It can make your prospects and customers take any action you desire them to take.

If you want them to buy anything, they will obey without hesitation.

That’s the magical formula I discovered.

I have packaged and simplified the strategy in this ebook titled: “How to Sell Anything Online While Sleeping”

I have broken the steps down that a 5 years old boy can follow and implement it.

The ebook has just a few chapters that can be consumed in one day, that will make your practice faster.

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