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You will have the highest market share if only you understand this fact.

Same will help you to win business competition regardless of the industry.

Driving innovation and marketing in a company requires a great team. I mean a team of talented people. 

Some business never had this great team. They end up losing market share, revenue and customer base to other players.

This is so important that the winner of the business competition takes the overwhelming glory and rewards. Some become monopolist as a result.

The question is what strategies are you putting in place to hire the best brains for your business. How effective are these strategies?

If you don't have good people in your team, your business will struggle.

If you don't maximize the best brains, your business will still struggle.

If you don't retain the best brains in your team, your business will lose to competitors.


But there is a solution. Follow me.

Imagine building business A and it fails due to lack of a great team.

Imagine again building business B and C and they fail for the same reason.

What will you do? You need to change your strategy at this time because you can't continue doing something in the same way and expect a different result. Follow me.

If you're an employer, entrepreneur, or human resource professional, pay attention to this. Are you with me?

See how three great companies played a great competitive game and won amazingly in great ways.

1. Microsoft became the monopoly of the operating system competition by having a market share of 84.1% according to Statista..

2. Google search engine has 92% share of the search engine industry as reported by Statista.

3. The social media industry is dominated by Facebook with 62% market share as reported by statista.

These companies achieved this feat not by their founders alone but by the great team they had. Follow me.

This means for you to attain that Success level you planned in your business, you'll need great people to surround you. You'll need their innovation and creativity.

How do you hire and retain great brains to drive innovation and marketing in your business?

Here is the approach I have developed and applied too with great success.

I've converted this approach into a five module online and downloadable course. 


Here are the modules.

1. Searching and Sourcing Best Brains.

2. Marketing to the Potential Team Members.

3.Interviewing and Training Potential Team Members.

4.Application of the 80/20 Selection Strategy.

5. Retaining the Best Talents.

These modules provide a comprehensive guide on what you should do at every stage in order to hire, retain and maximise best brains.

The course materials include the following:

1. Animated Slides.

2. Downloadable Contents 

3. Teaching MP3 Files.

What could cost you $5000 to achieve is being given to you at just $20 only. This is a giveaway price. This will be increased as soon as we record 100 orders. 

The earlier you order the cheaper it is for you.

Do well to send us testimonies of the application of this course.