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How to Leverage the Smartness of a Smartphone

Do you really know you can travel to many countries to make money and make impacts without having to be there physically? This is was the introductory question of a digital professional in a certain seminar.

We all were very eager to know how could this be possible. In amazement one of the participants asked the professional how could that be possible.

Then he told a story of how he had gone to 20 countries to make money and impacts without having to physically go there. He explained that he created a digital product that digitally marketed it and people from different countries bought the products. He had buyers from London, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, USA, China, Hong Kong, etc. He said he has only been to five countries physically in his lifetime but with his product and skill he has been to more than 20 countries virtually.

He concluded that we could do the same thing if we know just two things which are the smartness of a smartphone and digital marketing. Honestly, the invisible or the virtual has more potential power than the tangible as Napoleon Hill put it.

In this article i will show you what make a smartphone smart and ways to leverage that smartness. Follow me

What makes a Phone Smart?

Let me start by asking you this question; why do you think a phone is called smartphone?

Moore’s law states that the processor speeds, or overall processing power for computers will double every two years. The smartphone has become smart because of the growth in computing technology speed which made the Moore’s law prediction accurate.

Progress Ibrahim defines a smartphone as a mini computer that has technologies that helps us solve problems and connects to the world. Smartphone has two capabilities which are phone and computer technologies. That means the phone component has calling and messaging functions while the computer component has internet powered functions and non-internet powered functions.

Smartphone is smart because it is a small portable device that has the following features operating system, ability to download Apps, ability to access the internet, keyboard, messaging, camera, video capabilities and beyond which makes it to perform exceptional functions that amazes users.

This is what a quora commentator said about why is the smartphone smart? "Smartphone is something which helps you in your day to day tasks and acts like a mini computer. Before the era of smartphones all we were able to do on our phones was calls and messages and some minor games and some basic tasks. But now the possibilities are endless. Imagine booking a cab without a smartphone you would call the company and guide them to your location, exhausting right?. But now with just a click of a button you can bring as many cabs at your location without any hassle, don't you think that's smart. You phones knows where you are. In the olden days music was bought via CDs and vinyl records but now a single Application can provide you with millions of songs on your fingertips.”

These are what make a smartphone actually smarter than what you think before. But the aim of an entrepreneur is always how to use technology to create value in a way that will be beneficial to him and others. Here are how to leverage on this smartness of the smartphone.

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Ways to unlock the smartness of your smartphone?

In order to enjoy the potential of the smartphone in such a way that it will help you to create impact and value you need to use these five approaches.

  • Determine Digital Value

Value is simply what you have that is very useful to another party. In the online world there are certain things that are sought for and that people can pay for. As the third law of value states that the value of a person or an idea is only determined by the marketing test.

So in order to maximize the potential of your smartphone you must understand the value you have that you will explore on the internet. For example, I am a techpreneur and an author. As techpreneur my business (Codecitty) renders software services to other business while as an author and copywriter I write on solutions to business problems. What value do you have? This is the first step.

  • Determine Digital Niche

What digital niche do you fit in with the value you have? The internet has automatically grouped people based on the value they have. For instance you cannot find a singer in a developers page on a social media groups. You cannot find singer in a language learning group.

It automatically group people based on your value, there is a niche for the developers, a niche for the singers,a niche for authors etc. In a nutshell, your value will determine the niche you belong to. Discover your value and your niche will not be hidden from you.

  • Engage Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are the internal technologies that makes up a smartphone. Applications are software that are developed and used for specific purposes. So, applications such as Google Doc for writing, Canva for designing, Facebook App, Instagram App, Linkedin App, Sasai App, Zoom app etc will help you to transform your value into the tangible that will benefit people.

So, learn to discover Applications on play store that will help you to express your ideas and values. What good Applications are you using currently you recommend to readers? Comment below

  • Engage in Digital Networking

The essence of the above approaches is to be able to enjoy digital networking. In this article on how to use my smartphone I wrote about networking, how to use your smartphone to make friends that will skyrocket your brand.

I use my smartphone mainly to create beneficial and financial network. I got to make friends with people with the same passion and interest through my digital activities. With these i have received recommendations, endorsements and referrals as the effect of digital networking.

Go and do the same with that smart technology in your hand.

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