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How Does Sasai Makes Money?

How Does Sasai Makes Money?

What a good news it is to be aware that the world is rapidly changing. Where we were 10years ago is not the same place we are now, simply because some men created the future we can now see. It will interest you to know that in this era of Artificial intelligence, the App industry is gradually shifting from the concept of App to the concept of Super App. Are you really amazed? Okay, let’s see what this really means to the industry.

Tech experts such as Mike Lizaridis the founder of Blackberry coined the concept ‘Super App.’ He defined super app as “an app representing a new class of mobile applications that make you wonder how you ever lived without them.” by this he means that a super App has many features and is a multi-value platform that give you access to many services.

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Sasai is a super App

According to Strive Masiyiwa the chairman of Econet Group Sasai is a platform for other digital platforms and third party platforms. On Sasai app you will have access to financial services, ecommerce services, logistics services, video calling, music streaming, social media activities and many more. These platforms are integrated in Sasai, this is what makes it a super app like China's Wechat.

what are the components of Sasai? study it here

So Sasai is an ecosystem of the following services;

  1. Ownai: This is an ecommerce platform on Sasai for buying and selling.
  2. Cassava Fintech: This is the financial platforms like ecocash and mobile money on Sasai
  3. Vanya logistics: it enables you to order for any type of vehicle
  4. Technite platform: you can order for service provider from the informal market
  5. Sasai Remit and Home wallet: they enable someone living overseas to send money home and operate a home mobile bank account.
  6. Third party app: Other platforms from on the Sasai owned by other companies.


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How Does Sasai Make Money?

With these great value propositions on the Sasai platform, it has various revenue model. I will analyzed based on my view on the Sasai revenue model;

  • Commission revenue
  • Subscription revenue
  • Advert revenue
  • Other revenue sources

Commission Revenue:

The Sasai platform earns money from every service rendered. The commission is a certain percentage charged for services rendered on the platform. Through the cassava fintech services, remittance and third party app, it earn a commission for providing these services.

Subscription revenue:

subscription revenue model entails the payment of a certain amount to have unrestricted access to premium services on Sasai. This subscription may be renewed at the end of a particular time. users may subscribe to music streaming and other services like infoproducts. Business may subscribe to have access to the marketing advantage of Sasai.

Advert revenue :

Advert revenue is the money generated from advertising activities of the company for other businesses. The Sasai will leverage on its data analytics to provide this marketing services to big and small brands.

Ranking prediction of Sasai Revenue model:

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Key: the revenue performance is based on descending order

How Do I Make Money From Sasai?

This is one of the amazing questions that users of Sasai and students of the Masiyiwa Business School have being asking. The answer is in two folds:

1.You can make money from Sasai platform as a business owner. All you need do is to market your company’s services and products. All you need to do is to leverage on networking and strategic partnership.

2.You can make money from Sasai as User. To make money from Sasai as a user you need to do two things;

  • One is to create value in form of products/services
  • Sell this value on the Sasai platform

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This is an article that will show you how to create values

The 3S Rules is a book on how the leading great 21st century entrepreneurs created values, follow this link to order it.

So, to end this article, as an entrepreneur see the opportunities on Sasai and prepared to maximize it. All you need do as user is to create value and sell that value then you’ll make money on Sasai platform.

kindly make comments, tell me what you are doing that will position you to benefit from Sasai

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