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Why All Africans Should Download the Sasai App.

Africa can create and innovate better products than its foreign counterparts. That statement may sound impossible but that is the fact. The pyramid of Egypt as one of the architectural invention of Africa which is seen as an ancient wonder of the world. It is a pointer to the potential ability to invent and create.

Well, the point is very clear, Africa can achieve greater feats if we focus on a simple principle.

We must come to understand that products or solutions are not made perfect but imperfect. If you try to make a product perfect in the first creation stage you may never achieve it. Following this principle we can set our minds to invent and innovate whatever, with consistent development.

This is why i am happy for the invention of the smartphone and the mobile application innovations that has followed. Africa is playing a great role in innovation in this space. We have an Africa made super app called “Sasai”. An app that has all the tools you need everyday.

Reasons why the Sasai App is really Super

As a business analyst and tech writer, I have never written extensively on an innovation like this innovation. Do you know why? It is an African made product or innovation. It showed we can play at the same level with other countries.

Here are reasons why the App is super and why all Africans needs to download and use it daily.

African Made Digital Technology:

In my first article on the Sasai App innovation i wrote that Sasai is an african technological milestone because it is a competitive digital technology that Africa is developing. I quote from that article “United Nations estimated the current world population to be 7.7bn people. This is forecasted to be 8bn and 10bn people living on this planet in 2023 and 2055 respectively. According to this population is shared among the continents of the world; 61% of the population of the world lives in Asia, 17% of the world population lives in Africa, 8% of the population lives in Latin America and the Caribbean, 10% lives in Europe and 5% lives in North America and Oceania.”

While other continents are thriving in innovations Africa is left behind. Consider what a happiness that Africa is credited with Sasai as our digital technological innovation. We need to do more in order to have more inventions and innovations to our name.

Ecosystem for bigger businesses

Have you seen the beauty of the Sasai App? Have you downloaded it yet? Oh my goodness, when you see the number of international brands being hosted by the Sasai app, you will be glad.

Let me give you a glimpse of what you’ll see when you download the app. The App’s explore section has Amazon, Uber, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Jumia, Konga, Netflix and many bigger companies you can ever imagine to see there. It has over 120 global business brands on the platform.

2.5% Remittance Benefit

African in diaspora, this is an innovation or a solution i believe you’ve been praying for and you will really need. According to world bank computed remittance fee the average is 10%. Remittance fee to African countries has been reduced from the former 10% to 2.5% by Sasai remit. That means you will save 7.5% of the charges or more inflow of remittance into Africa.

Send money on the go by using the Sasai app and save cost of up to 7.5%.

Rapid Financial Transactions

You can find your bank on the finance icon of the Sasai explore section. You can also find loans platforms that can give you instant loans. Well, business people and entrepreneurs can leverage on these value.

The reason why the Sasai app is super is also because it is a digital platform that houses many industries. So, your financial needs are taken care off already by Sasai. This how you should use your smartphone

Sasai speak your African languages

This is the first time in history a digital technology is developed to communicate with African languages. According to Strive Masiyiwa Sasai is now available in 50 African languages, what a feat and an invention. You can find languages such as Hausa, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Zulu, Shona etc on the app.

The platform will be able to convert your text-to-voice, so that those that the aged that don't speak English could listen to your messages.

The question you should answer is this; what are you doing in your little capacity to make Africa a great continent?

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