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How to Start building a Brand with Little capital

How can I be globally known? A young man asked a keynote speaker in a certain entrepreneurial conference that question. The speaker responded to the question by saying “ the first step to be known is to know yourself.” he explained that men are known with certain values. If you can answer that question correctly then you will be known by promoting it.

The young man pondered on this life-changing statement. He quietly asked himself what value can he be known for? What does he stand for? What contribution he can make and what solution does he have to offer?

This will lead us to the very interesting topic of branding. When you have a value, what else will you do for it to become known. The activity is called branding.

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What is branding?

Gini Dietrich Definition of branding

According to Gini branding is the identity of a product or a service. It is the name, the logo, the design or a combination of those that people use to identify, and differentiate, what they are about to buy. A good brand should deliver a clear message, provide credibility, connect with customers emotionally, motivate the buyer, and create users loyalty.

If I walk to a shopping mall and I asked the attendant for a bottle of coke, it is because I know that drink with that name. This cut across every buying decision you make per time. I want to buy 3S Rules, you simply want to buy it because it is associated with a tool that will help you to build great and sustainable businesses.

Progress Ibrahim Definition of Branding

Branding is a marketing strategy that entrepreneurs, people and businesses use to develop a particular image of the person or company in the minds of the target market, which will eventually influence their decision to patronise the business or to follow the person.

To create a lasting image in the mind of people is the goal of entrepreneurs and businesses. This is the reason for marketing.

The 2Ps of Branding Marketing Strategy

Follow carefully and get the meat of this article. If you are aspiring to become a business leader, this is the place to start from.

To answer the introductory questions, here are the two things you need to build a brand.

  1. Product
  2. Platform

The first thing to do if you want to create a brand and build it is to have a product or service that you will be known with. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, my first set of service were business plan development, pitch deck writing etc. I graduated from there to author 3S Rules and co-founded a company called Codecitty.

This is because you must be identified with a product or a service and it will help you to build the brand you dreamed.

The platform is the channel you want to use to promote and build your brand. The platform you will use to promote yourself and your business. In this digital economy, social media is a platform I recommend. It has a global audience. According to statista 2.7bn people are using Facebook, messenger, whatsApp and Instagram per month.

The next thing to do is steps to develop your brand without zero or little funds.

Steps to Build a Brand with Zero or just a very little funds

Just know that anything you can imagine, you can also achieve it. Think and Grow Rich is the name of the game not become rich and think. This is how to grow from grass to grace.

Step one

Develop a product or a service:

This is very important to developing a brand. You must first and foremost have a product. The essence of a product is to ensure that as you promote yourself or the brand you have value that can command money.

But how can I develop a product or a service that I sell with no cash? Ask yourself this question: what can I do for people that they can pay me for? Write the answer down, that becomes the product or service you have. In my book 3S Rules there is a concept i called creative financing. It is a creative way to raise money.

Step Two

Sell the product organically:

For instance, your product or service is writing or digital marketing. The next thing to do is to try to know who needs these services? Which free forum or platform can you belong to that you will market your service without spending money. The essence of this stage is to try to sell your product without spending money. You can find business, people around you or a freelance platform to sell your service to.

Step Three

Use the proceed for marketing:

This stage you have succeeded in selling the product without paying to market. Use the proceeds from the sales to start marketing your name, business and services on social media platform. In the course of promoting yourself you are building your identity and image in the mind of people. The promotion may also bring more clients.

Step Four

Repeat the activities in step three. By this I mean use the proceed from your promotional activities to do more marketing about your brand. This is the secret of becoming a global brand. With digital marketing skills or social media marketing skills, you can build your brand with little or no start up capital. It is not because you do not need funds to build the brand but because it will help you to create money to fund it.

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This is how to think and grow rich. Start your journey today and now to become the next star.

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