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How I Should use my Smartphone in 2020?

what is in your hand? This has been the question my mentor (Dr Strive Masiyiwa) always ask his mentees. When you ask a farmer what is in his hand decades ago, what do you think will be his response? A farmer especially in Africa always have a cutlass in his hand. That cutlass is his farming tool.

In this modern time, when you ask the youth the same question, what will be the answer? Just imagine checking the hands of 20 people around you currently. What do you see in their hands? It is a technology called smartphone. That technology is a tool that anyone can use to create amazing things.

How is a smartphone a Lever?

A pen is a lever because it helps a student to solve a problem of writing. A cutlass in the hand of a farmer is a lever because it helps him to cut down trees and bushes. A smartphone is a lever because it provides tools that helps us to connect the world.

According to SearchMobileComputing a smartphone is a cellular telephone with an integrated computer and other features not originally associated with telephones such as an operating system, web browsing and the ability to run software applications.

Progress Ibrahim defines a smartphone as a mini computer that has technologies that helps us solve problems and connect to the world.

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Best ways to use your smartphone in 2020

Well, a smartphone is a great technology that can be seen as an asset and also a liability depending on the user. While some people decide to use it for fun making others see it as a technology for problem-solving.

well, here are how you should use your smartphones in 2020 and benefit from it maximally.

A Business Tool:

One of the most important tools for business in the 21st century is a smartphone. With your smartphone you can contact and interact with customers and potential customers. With your smartphone, yo can order things from ecommerce sites. With your smartphone, you can use your GPS for direction. The list continues, you can add more.

A Content Creation Tool:

In this digital age, one of the most important terms is content creation. Content creation is an art of creating valuable message on a digital platform such as social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter , Youtube etc. The message can be in any form-it can be a text, designs, video etc. With Apps that you can download from Playstore on your smartphone you can create amazing digital content.

A Digital Marketing Tool:

The way to mine from the gold of the internet is to have digital marketing skills. Learn how to market your brand on social media platform. Do you have a product or an innovation? Then the next thing to do is to market it. Amazon and Alibaba attain successful feats because they employed digital marketing. In 2020 learn to use your smartphone to market your brand.

A Researching Tool:

Google Search and Youtube Search can cause a turning point to your life. when you search for what you don't know you end up making a discovery. In my book 3S Rules Jeff Bezos started Amazon business when he searched for something on Google Search and discovered that the internet was growing by 2300% per annum. You can become a developer by using your smartphone to learn the skill on youtube.

I believe you will become a better version of yourself in 2020 by applying these great insights.

Just imagine building a business like Amazon, Facebook etc. you can do that by discovering the secret from this book 3S Rules.

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