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Competition| The Edge.

Competition| The Edge.

Google was not the first search engine to be invented. There were others that were there before they came on board.

Sergy Brian and Larry Page seek to organize the world information and make it universally accessible and useful. This was the origin of the Google search business idea.

Before that time the world's information was not properly organized on the internet. This was really a huge issue. A business idea that has gold mine too.

They develop epic technology to rank information on the web and provide the most useful information to searchers. How did they do it? They did it with the help of their team.

This gave google an edge over other search engines in the industry because they have an epic innovation.

The term edge is really an innovation that makes you stand out from the crowd. It's actually having unique features and strategies that differentiate you.

Your edge should be noticeable by the market. If the market notice your edge, which is the result of Innovation, then the competition will be won by you.

Google is the dominant search engine in the industry because the market saw their edge and their forces of demand shifted to their favour.

Forbes has this to say about Google (Alphabet PLC), Google’s market value currently sits at $1 trillion, and could go higher as Wall Street bets that the company will report another quarter of strong advertising sales when it announces earnings on February 3.

You see that's how to win the competition in business. You win by epic innovation and epic marketing strategies which are all caused by great team.

What's your business edge? Let's discuss this important issue.

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Now, over to you. What's in your mind about competitive edge.?

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