what is 3S Rules?

The lesson I learned Early in life.

A certain expert called me and said I will teach you a principle from my experience as a professional. I was very passionate to learn and apply. so, I listened as he spoke with a high degree of interest. He said, “You must have a living concept if you want to create a lasting legacy as an expert.”

why will you say that! I asked with a sense of curiosity. He responded with a very interesting answer ; he said, "let me show you the history of experts and authorities in different fields which we still reference some today.” He started thus;

  1. Isaac Newton invented a living physics concept called the 3 laws of motion
  2. Pythagoras invented a living mathematical concept called the Pythagorean theorem
  3. Archimedes invented a living physics principle called the Archimedes principle
  4. Grant Cardone invented a living success concept called 10X Rule
  5. Strive Masiyiwa invented a living entrepreneurial concept called fight in the condition
  6. Simeon Kuznet invented a living economic concept called the GDP
  7. Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaick invented living technological concepts called Apple, ios, imac ipad, iphone etc
  8. Larry Page and Sergie Brin invented a technological concept called Google
  9. Bill Gates and Paul Allen invented a technological concept called Microsoft
  10. Mark Zuckerberg invented a living technological concept called Facebook


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After mentioning the above great men he asked a second question again. He said Progress are these people experts or not. I responded “they are.” he said go and do the same. I went and invented some living entrepreneurial concepts.

Progress Ibrahim has living entrepreneurial concepts called 3S Rules, the 3 Laws of value, Compound Effect Principle and Creative Financing Strategy.

what is the 3S in 3S Rules?

The 3S is an acronym that represents three inevitable entrepreneurial stages in building a unicorn and attaining IPO stage. They are the three stages that entrepreneurs that want to disrupt an industry and build billion dollars worth businesses will have to pass through.

we have the first stage, the second stage and the third stage. They include;

  1. Discovery Stage
  2. Strategizing Stage
  3. Execution Stage

You will be overwhelmed with discoveries at how I applied these stages in the epic book “3S Rules” to show how the great companies of the 21st century, such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc were built.

what is the Rule in 3S Rules?

It simply means a principle that should guide entrepreneurs in converting problems into opportunities and businesses. The rule shows that the concept has become a principle to guide one in the entrepreneurial, financial and business operations. It will be very easy for you to know that we the 3S Rules is a tool, principles that guide how an entrepreneur should translates from discovery to strategizing and from strategizing to execution.

what did Jeff Bezos did when he discovered the Amazon idea? The answer is what you will find in the epic book "3S Rules".

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what does the book "3S Rules" has that makes it outstanding ?

The focus of this book is to provide valuable strategies and models that will enable entrepreneurs build billion dollars worth businesses across all sectors. So, the book contains real life case studies of how the leading business of the present times were built and how you will apply their strategies to achieve the same result.

let me list some of the valuable contents of the book.

who needs the "3S Rules" book?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you surely needs this epic book "3S Rules."

The questions are as follows;

  • Do you want to know the secret of being successful in business?
  • Do you want to build a business that has the capacity to be listed on the stock exchange?
  • Do you have a business idea?
  • Do you run a startup?
  • Do you need a scaling strategy that will help you to achieve growth?
  • Do you want to expand your line of business-adding other subsidiaries or product to it?
  • Are you a CEO or a business manager?
  • Do you want to be an effective leader?
  • Are you looking for a financing secret other than equity and debt?
  • Are you interested in understanding business models and how other businesses makes money?
  • Are you an investor?
  • Are you a wannabe entrepreneur? Are you a practicing entrepreneur?


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You may be asking in your mind who knows Progress Ibrahim and his work. Great questions! Here are the proof and the testimonials from mentors (Strive Masiyiwa) and experts about the epic book “3S Rules.

Order your copy of 3S Rules via any of the following platforms

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