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This was how copywriter Harbert Gary used this strategy to market a company that is into bottled water product’s iPO and it recorded very huge success....

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How Elon Musk Uses Trends to Grow His Businesses

Have you heard that Elon Musk spent $0 on marketing? Yet, his success can not be compared to some businesses that spend millions of dollars on marketing. But that doesn’t mean he does not market....

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How Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales Result by 100%

A good copywriter may likely know your product more than you. This knowledge is needed for them to connect the dots between the core desires of the market target and the product....

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The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what makes some business start-ups to succeed and become global giants while others fail?
With 3S Rules you will learn from global icons who founded companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lyft, Apple, Alibaba and many others on how they discovered their business ideas.
3S Rules will give you a first hand founder mindset on how to build your billion dollar startup idea.

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