How to Produce a Pitch Deck from a Business Model.

Imagine you have an appointment with Bill Gates. The goal of the appointment is to pitch your business to him. Well, these questions should run through your mind; how will I go about it? What do I have to do in order to perform excellently?...

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How to Produce a Business Plan from a Business Model

It is very important for a start-up to analyse the financials based on revenue, cost and profitability metrics. With this approach, it will be easy for you to draw your business plan from the business model. This will help you to secure the needed funds...

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How to Determine The Market Target in Business Modeling.

This is what will ultimately determine if your product will succeed in the market or not. According to the third law of value until people exchange money for your product, it does not have value....

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The Revenue Component of A Business Model.

How do you want the users of your offering or product to pay you for rendering such services to them? How do you want your prospect to pay you for solving their problem with your product....

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How to Develop The Foundation of a Business Model.

As an entrepreneur, you should have known that people don’t buy Panadol but they buy health. People don’t buy flight tickets, they buy luxury in flying....

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How To Develop A Complete Innovation .

It is only the market that has the power to know if your invention is an innovation or not, until then it is not yet an innovation but an idea....

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Pollstalker: The Essential Services you Need in a Digital Product

Retail stores, malls and supermarkets can list their products on this platform for people to search and make purchases. It is a search engine for products with lowest prices in major cities of the world....

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How to Build Business Models Around Trends.

I told them that money and trends have the same direction. That means, money goes to where the need is highest and the value is highest....

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How Strategic is Facebook Messenger Rooms Video Meeting.

Truely, success will be massive in scale when we learn to succeed first in one thing....

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How to use Freemium Model to Unlocks Value.

The Two Components of Freemium Business Model: According to Harvard Business Publishing freemium model is a business model that combines free services and premium services. The Entrepreneur has explained that Freemium business model works in two ways......

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The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

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