Pollstalker: The Essential Services you Need in a Digital Product

Even some software and digital companies had business limitations in this pandemic period. We see how the shared business model or the uberisation business model was hardly hit. That happened because some digital companies are partly digital and partly offline in operation.

So, while the digital component is usually the software technology, the offline component is usually the economic agents that need to come together physically for business to take place.

This was the problem Codecitty also faced in this pandemic disruption. The start-up was testing a shared economy business model idea when the pandemic came to disrupt the fabric of the idea. According to one of the co-founder “What we needed to do was to pivot and innovate by leveraging digital tools.”

As the World Economic Forum highlighted remote working as one of the business trends that a sustainable model can be built on, a business model that will run remotely must completely be a digital business. So, Codecitty pivoted to remote work policy and developed a digital platform business called Pollstaker.

This analysis is about how this start-up innovated with pollstaker in order to adopt the remote work policy that will cut the cost of operation for the business. We shall analyse how the pollstaker digital platform works and how it can benefit you.

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The Value Proposition of Pollstaker Business Model.

The platform was developed with this in mind; a business can run fully digital without a physical contact with the target market and still be profitable. So, the platform value proposition is to use this digital platform to solve problems that are associated with education, unemployment and online shopping directory.

With these value propositions, the team working on the business can maintain the platform from different regions of the world remotely but with collaborations.

The Offerings of Pollstaker Business Model.

Tech or digital business business models thrive on the freemium model as a marketing strategy. That is how Linkedin, Google, Youtube, Facebook etc operate. But, from the business perspective, Freemium is not free but a means to an end, the end is to generate revenue.

The offerings of the Pollstaker platform are collectively called “Pollsuit”. A suit where you can access three key offerings; education offering, tech job offering and lowest product search directory.

Educational offering:

This platform is a community of people that aspire to study in other countries. The market targets are always in search for scholarship, fellowship and grant information to further their education in degree level, masters level and PHD level.

So, the platform provides free and credible information to these target markets. Though, international travel has been restricted but this supports remote working.

Shop Offering:

This section of the platform is a product online directory which makes it from a business online directory. Lowest price product can only be found in this section. The offering is to list products that have the lowest price so that shoppers can always go there to search for the product with the lowest price in a city and the shop that sells it.

Retail stores, malls and supermarkets can list their products on this platform for people to search and make purchases.

It is a search engine for products with lowest prices in major cities of the world.

Tech Job Offering:

Many employees have lost their job and sources of livelihood. While there is social distancing, there are certain skills that can make you employable, the digital skill. So, Pollstalker jobs portal is a niche specific job portal for just tech and digital jobs.

The platform is updated with credible tech, software and digital skill job vacancies across the world. The platform also helps to recruit for businesses that want the best brains on their tech team.

Visit the platform to explore and benefit from the great value of the offerings.

Pollstalker is one of the products of Codecitty. Codecitty is a software/digital company that provides B2B and B2C software solution services. This period ,this startup is committed in pivoting businesses from brick and mortar operations to digital operations through their mobile application development, website development and digital marketing services.

To help others, the startup demonstrated by helping itself to pivot into a fully digital company that can support remote working policy. The start-up has applied the same strategy to help other businesses transition from brick and mortar to online and digital businesses.

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