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Discover the Pitch Deck Design Template you Need

Joe and Gibson wanted to learn how to drive. Joe wanted to prove to his friend Gibson that he could learn without a guide. Gibson was of the opinion that driving requires a guide for a successful learning. The two friends wanted to prove their points.

Joe went ahead to start testing his theory of self practice and self mastery of a car while Gibson enrolled in a driving school. Joe tried to learn without reading a guide or watching a YouTube teaching on how to drive. It was an uphill task for Joe to learn this. He eventually fell back to seek help from an expert.

In three months, Gibson succeeded in learning how to drive. He could now drive without aid because he learnt to drive with a template given by his guide.

The simple reason is because a template makes any task easy. With a template you know the steps to take and procedures to undergo to create something. The driver that taught Gibson actually showed him a template, a proven way to learn how to drive in three months.

This is the reason I want to give you a template to follow in pitch deck design. According to businessdictionary.com a template is a design or pattern of an item that serves as a basis or guide for designing or constructing similar items. Every effective formula, strategy and technology is a template.

In this article I will be showing you the step-by step procedures of how to design a pitch deck.

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The Pitch Deck Design Template

Step One: Problem Indicator

This is the problem indicator. This is the slide that shows the problem that your business is solving in the market. This slide should clearly explain in simple terms the problems, the challenges and the niche your business is built on. This is the foundation of every successful business.

It will be very helpful to explain to investors in pictorial or info-graphic formats. For example Alibaba was founded because no Chinese goods were found on the internet at that time.

Step Two: Solution Indicator

Kindly follow this step as it’s a template or a format for your design. This slide shows the entrepreneurial solutions to the problem in step one. What solution are you proffering to the problem you cited? Clearly write the answer in this slide. Ensure you use pictorial or info-graphic materials.

As explained in 3S Rules, Jack Ma’s solution was to build Alibaba to be a platform that empowers SMEs to succeed. This is the foundation of the Alibaba Groups.

Step Three: Product Indicator

This slide should show how will your solution be converted into a product either visible or tangible products. What I mean by visible product is this; can you touch Facebook products? They are intangible products. You can touch iphone smartphone right. That is a tangible product.

The product is what you offer to the market. It is a packaged solution in form of goods or services. Your investor will expect to see this.

Alibaba.com, 1688.com, Tmall as explained in 3S Rules are the products of Jack Ma to the market.

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Step Four: Revenue Model Indicator

An ideal entrepreneur and investor should be moved by two things in every business idea. They are how will this business idea solves problems and how will this business idea makes money. So, clearly analyze how your business will generate revenue as it solves the above problem with the above product. Investor will be interested in this key area because they use their money for business so as to make more.

Alibaba.com generates revenue through commission and subscription from the businesses listed on its platform.

Step Five: Market Indicator

Who will benefit from the problem your solution and product exist to solve? Who will pay for the solutions? Are they other business, which is B2B model? Are they consumers, which will be B2C model? How large is the size of your market target. You can get this information from second sources.

In the case of Alibaba, it’s initially a B2B model before innovating into B2C. The company provides a platform for other businesses to list their products and sell them to third parties.

Step six: Team indicator

How confident are you that the pilot about flying that plane will be able to operate it effectively? People use Ethopia Airlines because they have trained pilots that can fly the planes.

So, if investor should give you funds of $100,000 who will manage it effectively? So, this section contains your company’s team that will determine the operation of the company.

Step Seven: Competition Indicator

According to business experts, there is no business that exists without a competitor. Who are the players in your industry doing what you are doing or about to do? Analyse a few of them. Conclude by showing the investor your strength and edge.

Jack Ma's competitors were in the USA when he was starting out. His strength was China's market opportunity.

Step Eight: Financial Indicators

This is where you have to show to your potential investors your financial plan. It includes your projected revenue for some years, I use 5 years. Your break even analysis, cash flow analysis in an excel format. You can include forecast in the pitch deck design because it will show your potential investors your revenue growth.

What is the current valuation of Alibaba group?

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Step Nine: Fund Request Indicator

How much do you seek to raise to finance your business operation? Kindly put the answer here. It is not enough to put amount on the pitch deck but give a breakdown of what you need the funds for. Giving a breakdown of what you need the cash for will give your request some elements of credibility.

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