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How Does Sasai Makes Money?

With these great value propositions on the Sasai platform, it has various revenue model. I will analyzed based on my view on the Sasai revenue model; Commission revenue Subscription revenue Advert revenue Other revenue sources...

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Sasai Launch

Sasai: An African Technological Milestone

What are the economic values of these metrics? The GDP of every continent depends on some factors; two among them are the population size and the technological level. So, the economy of Asia and Africa have good prospect in population wise. What about the...

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From Start-Up to Unicorn

From idea to start up, from startup to unicorn, from unicorn to super-unicorn, this is the mission of every entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs work to build products, solutions and people that will ensure their ideas are executed....

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The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what makes some business start-ups to succeed and become global giants while others fail?
With 3S Rules you will learn from global icons who founded companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lyft, Apple, Alibaba and many others on how they discovered their business ideas.
3S Rules will give you a first hand founder mindset on how to build your billion dollar startup idea.

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