How to Build Business Models Around Trends.

I told them that money and trends have the same direction. That means, money goes to where the need is highest and the value is highest....

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How Strategic is Facebook Messenger Rooms Video Meeting.

Truely, success will be massive in scale when we learn to succeed first in one thing....

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How the Zoom Business Model Fits the Coronavirus Economy.

The coronavirus has succeeded in locking people down but it has not locked up entrepreneurs and managers of companies. So, working remotely will ensure that businesses maintain their usual operations....

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How Amazon Business Model is Passing the Covid-19 Test?

Whatever is your prediction and vision of the internet, the coronavirus is validating it in one way or the other....

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How Covid-19 Disrupts Airbnb’s Business Model.

If there is no guest in the business model of the airbnb that means the demand side of the business is zero....

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The Coronavirus Effect : Shocking Ways It Will Change the Ride Hailing Business Model.

Though the future of cars is selfless driving or autonomous driving but that future has become needed in the present....

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How Covid-Trend is Creating Business Opportunities

The most important information in the media either social or the press, is how to discover vaccines to cure the Coronavirus pandemic. This has made the health sector firm boom. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other health businesses will florist....

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How the COVID-19 is Destroying Small Businesses.

Few days ago Sheryl Sandberg posted on her page on Facebook that Facebook has come up with an initiative to help small businesses. The initiative is to provide a grant of $100m in cash and advert to support small businesses....

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The Global Worth of Coronavirus Cure or Antidote

The global 2020 GDP is predicted to be $90,519.61bn. A 4.8% decline of the global GDP caused by the negative multiplier effects of the virus will be $4,344.94bn. So the global monetary worth of the cure is estimated to be $4.3bn. That means if the cure or...

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How Entrepreneurs Build the Wealth of Nations.

Jeff Bezos is estimated to currently worth $121.1bn. This makes him the fifth richest country in Africa if he were to be a nation in the continent....

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The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

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