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A certain great and successful entrepreneur in a popular city visited his parents one day in his home town. He was to spend 2 hours with his parents and immediately take-off to a critical business meeting in New York the same day. The entrepreneur was preparing to take-off to the meeting while a young upcoming entrepreneur walked in to visit him.

The young man exclaimed, it is great meeting you today. As I have come to learn from you how I can build my business and scale it. Unfortunately the entrepreneur told him that he was rushing for a board meeting in New York right away.

The young man was sad but he made one request. He said give me just a minute advice that I can use to scale my business. The entrepreneur replied with a sentence remarks; he said “the degree of your knowledge and its application will determine the degree of your success and scale in business.”

He departed after making this profound remark. The young man went away pondering on this profound and life-changing principle.

The entrepreneur's remark is a fact that can’t be ignored in life and in business. You see, the greatest entrepreneurs of our time are great readers. They read to acquire knowledge and they apply this knowledge to achieve successes in their businesses.

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According to Benzinga entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg and Donald Trump have built their business empires and have achieved huge success in their respective pursuits because they read certain books at certain times that transformed their minds and actions.

Strive Masiyiwa and Richard Branson also shared some interesting information about the books that have transformed them in their pursuit of their vision.

Do you desire success? Do you desire to make an impact? Do you desire to have success and make huge impacts? Then the degree of your knowledge and its application is directly related to the degree of your success and impact. The answer is 3S Rules!

The Great Testimonies about the Epic Book “3S Rules” By Experts

What will you do if successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote and Strive Masiyiwa recommends a book to you? They only recommend a book they believe can help you to scale-up your entrepreneurial and business knowledge. The book 3S Rules has been recommended by one of the great entrepreneurs I mentioned above. Below are the recommendations.

Dr Strive Masiyiwa

(Chairman of Econet Wireless Group and Cassava Inc)

Here is a remark he made directly to 3S Rules brand, Progress Ibrahim's brand and the book on his platform.

This is a very impressive analysis!

You are really top drawer caliber!

Well done.

Every entrepreneur who wants to have a Digital Platform should keep a copy of your analysis.

You know we have people who work for this kind of business who themselves have no idea how it makes money!

Shout Out to you Progress Ibrahim.

Everyone on this platform should really consider reading your book as well.

That last line means everyone who wants to succeed in business should consider getting the 3S Rules book because it will help you to acquire valuable knowledge that will aid you in building your dream company.

Abraham Kipkip

(CEO & Chairman TAD Holdings and Pan-African Philanthropies)

"Wanna build a billion dollar company & subsequently be a billionaire? Progress Ibrahim through 3S Rules provides you with a summary of diverse tried and tested pathways to entrepreneurial prosperity. Get your copy now - thank me later"

Mr. Abraham is a resident of the United States of America. He ordered from Amazon in hard copy. After reading the epic book he sent the comment that it is a tool that can help build your business.

David Lanre Messan (DLM)

Investor & CEO ToggleUrban Ltd

Reading 3S Rules as a seasoned entrepreneur gave me Goosebumps and re-enacted the fact this generation has so much to learn from a rising star like Progress Ibrahim. The book has key trigger elements for business growth for startups, scale-ups and high growth businesses.

Nicky Verd

Author (Disrupt or Be Disrupted) & Technology Enthusiasts

I read the free chapter of your book and it’s absolutely amazing. Airbnb has always been a fascinating business model to me and you beautifully broke it down even the most lay person can understand.

I believe your book is going to be a great valuable tool in the hands of entrepreneurs. I'll get the full book soon.

Thank you for taking the time to write a solution driven book. The book is a tool you need to start, scale and to expand your business.

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How can I order the book?

Currently there are five platforms to order your copy of the great book from. Some of the platforms provide the book both in e-book format and hard copy while one of the platforms provides it in ebook format. The platforms are;

  1. 3S Rules eshop
  2. Amazon Bookstore
  3. ThriftBooks
  4. Google Books
  5. Goodreads

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