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3S Rules Black Friday 2019: Save 50% to have the Epic Book that will certainly Scale your Business.

Some years ago a certain man traveled for a speaking event. "My husband must certainly shop great items that the family will enjoy" the wife said. To her amazement, the husband came with great packaged items.

The woman asked the husband what he brought, the man told her to search. She searched the first carton, second carton she found books. She asked is this all you bought?

The husband answered with this statement "if i can comprehend the contents of this book i would be a producer of what I could have bought for your consumption".

Some years later, the man became very prosperous. At this stage he can buy anything for the wife.

The book 3S Rules is to equip you to build a business like the billionaire entrepreneurs. so, if you could understand and apply the contents in 3S Rules book, you'll be able to build a company like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Spacex, Dangote Group, Alibaba Group, Econet Wireless, Apple, Microsoft etc.

The black Friday 2019 is a season where both the shoppers and the retailers benefit. The shoppers buy products at a discounted rate while the retailers(online and in malls) enjoy a large volume of sales. The accounting records change from red to black in this beginning of Christmas shopping season.

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why Should you plan to buy 3S Rules this season?

You may be skeptical about the value in 3S Rules. You may be asking in you mind why should I buy this book? what business problems will this book help me solve?

I will share with you the testimonials arising from the readers of this epic book. Before that let me quickly point out that 3S Rules book is a material about how to build a business from models to become a household name. How to overcome all the challenges you'll encounter as you build. The case studies used in this work are businesses of leading entrepreneurs like Jeff Bozos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, etc.

These are the testimonials from globally recognised business leaders who came across this book.

  1. Dr Strive Masiyiwa (Chairman Econet Group)

This is a very impressive analysis!
You are really top drawer caliber!
Well done.
Every entrepreneur who wants to have a Digital Platform should keep a copy of your analysis.
You know we have people who work for this kind of business who themselves have no idea how it makes money!
#Shout Out to you, Ibrahim.
Everyone on this platform should really consider reading your book as well

2. Abraham Kipkip, CEO & Chairman TAD Holdings and Pan-African Philanthropies

"Wanna build a billion dollar company & subsequently be a billionaire? Progress Ibrahim through 3S Rules provides you with a summary of diverse tried and tested pathways to entrepreneurial prosperity. Get your copy now - thank me later"

3. Nicky Verd (Author& Technology Enthusiasts)

I read the free chapter of your book and it's absolutely amazing. Airbnb has always been a fascinating business model to me and you beautifully broke it down even the most lay people can understand.

I believe your book is going to be a great valuable tool in the hands of entrepreneurs. I'll get the full book soon.

Thank you for taking the time to write a solution driven book.

4. David Lanre Messan (DLM) Investor & CEO ToggleUrban Ltd

Reading 3S Rules as a seasoned entrepreneur gave me goosebumps and re-enacted the fact this generation has so much to learn from a rising star like Ibrahim. The book has key trigger elements for business growth for startups, scale-ups and high growth businesses.

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Where to buy 3S Rules at a Discount?

  • 50% off on Amazon 3S Rules hard copy : you can order a hard copy of the book from Amazon @ 50% discount. the original or normal price was USD20, the new price with the discount is USD10. You must not miss this opportunity, your students and children should also benefit.

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  • 50% off on 3S Rules soft copy: You can order the soft copy from the eshop platform of 3srules and also from amazon @ 50% reduction. The original or normal price is U$D10, the new price will be U$D5.

Follow this link:

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If you know the depth of the content of this book, you'll know it's the right investment. well, to those who will buy are like those that saw a goldmine and bought tools to mine it... while to other that will not buy, they are like those that saw goldmine but work away from it without knowing.

The price will be normal immediately the black Friday season is over. So, order your copy of 3S Rules book Now!!!


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PS: if you are probably not ready to buy now, you can still visit the site to download the free sample. you'll be grateful you did.

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The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what makes some business start-ups to succeed and become global giants while others fail?
With 3S Rules you will learn from global icons who founded companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lyft, Apple, Alibaba and many others on how they discovered their business ideas.
3S Rules will give you a first hand founder mindset on how to build your billion dollar startup idea.

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