Strategic Business Model Template

For example, in 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen discovered the need for software for microcomputers. As explained in 3S Rules, they built Microsoft business model on that market friction....

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Product and Prospect: Bridging the Gap in a Business Model.

But taking a product or solution to the prospects involves some element to consider. We have two forms of products, digital products and non-digital products. While the process of taking a product to a consumer is longer for non-digital products......

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How to Determine The Market Target in Business Modeling.

This is what will ultimately determine if your product will succeed in the market or not. According to the third law of value until people exchange money for your product, it does not have value....

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The Revenue Component of A Business Model.

How do you want the users of your offering or product to pay you for rendering such services to them? How do you want your prospect to pay you for solving their problem with your product....

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How to Develop The Foundation of a Business Model.

As an entrepreneur, you should have known that people don’t buy Panadol but they buy health. People don’t buy flight tickets, they buy luxury in flying....

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How To Develop A Complete Innovation .

It is only the market that has the power to know if your invention is an innovation or not, until then it is not yet an innovation but an idea....

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Pollstalker: The Essential Services you Need in a Digital Product

Retail stores, malls and supermarkets can list their products on this platform for people to search and make purchases. It is a search engine for products with lowest prices in major cities of the world....

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Sasai TeamTalk: Market Friction Solution

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, workers and owners of businesses must not meet physically, everyone must stay at home. But the question is; how will the business stay alive? How will the employees be paid? What a disaster! Sasai TeamTalk solution....

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How Does Facebook Shops Make Money?

The facebook shop product has the tendency of increasing the ad revenue of facebook in this way. As more businesses have shops on facebook, they will need marketing. This will make them run paid advertisements on facebook......

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Facebook Shop: Pivoting in Pandemic

When it comes to pivoting in business, it is easier and more effective for an established business than a startup due to established business’ infrastructure and resources. Here are the facebook infrastructures that the facebook shop will ride on;...

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The Business Models of Billion Dollar Worth Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what makes some business start-ups to succeed and become global giants while others fail?
With 3S Rules you will learn from global icons who founded companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Lyft, Apple, Alibaba and many others on how they discovered their business ideas.
3S Rules will give you a first hand founder mindset on how to build your billion dollar startup idea.

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